Staples – 1¢ Paper this week!

This week Staples has paper for 1¢.  How do you get it you ask?

  1. Print this coupon!
  2. Go to Staples
  3. Buy the $6 ream of paper advertised.
  4. Get rebate form to submit for $5.99 refund.
  5. Rejoice when your rebate shows up in mail in a couple weeks!

Now I had previously done a similar deal .. and got a Visa gift card for $5.79.  So this week I will go and buy the $6 paper and pay with my $5.79 card leaving a balance of 21¢ + tax to pay on the paper.  I will then submit for the rebate and get another gift card in the mail.

When I get my gift card from this week I will save it… because Staples seems to run the 1¢ deal pretty regularly and hopefully I will never have to pay more than $1 on printing paper again!

I hope this helps!





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Wife, Mother, Christian, Avid Reader, Coupon Hobbyist.
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