Teaching Mom to Coupon

I have been trying to get my mom on the coupon bandwagon.   She is on social security, and refuses to get food stamps (that’s just how we were raised).   Well, in her tiny town she only has one store that she can walk to and that is Dollar General.   She doesn’t have a computer at the moment.   So I set up her a Dollar General account the other day and I call her once a week and we go over the coupons and add the ones she wants to her account.  She just has to put in her phone number when she checks out.   I am so happy to get her to the side of saving money.

She finds me quite smart, and frugal when I call her with my shopping trips.  She gets so excited for me.  She is my cheerleader.   I mean Sir loves that I am frugal and appreciates my hard work on saving money, but nothing like mom cheering me on!

Today I got her so excited about a deal they are having at CVS this coming week, and she is actually going to try and pick up a newspaper tomorrow so she can snag the deal.  I am so happy to see her make this move.   The CVS is in the neighboring town and her neighbor will take her shopping when Social Security check comes this week.   I just can’t wait for her to get something “free” and how that feels.  This coming week CVS has some super deals, especially on the Colgate toothpaste ($3.00 – $2.50 coupon machine coupon -.50 manufacture coupon = FREE ) or just the tax.

So it was a great day, and so happy that I might make a coupon queen out of her yet!



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1 Response to Teaching Mom to Coupon

  1. abi says:

    really moms are the best cheerleaders,Amber….and she must be proudest to have such a smart daughter!!!

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