1/30 Weis Grocery Reciept

Friday, I did my weekly grocery trip.  We weren’t having the nicest weather earlier than that, and the Weis ad I had started Friday with some great specials so I waited.  I ended up at Weis & Aldis.  My total for my family of 3 and our weekly groceries was $53.27.

At Weis I watched my total go from $53.21 to $19.16 – a savings of $34.05 or 64% – for 20 items. Weis circular this week had 3 items you get for free if you spend $25.  They do this regularly.   So this week the 3 free items were: Martin’s Potato Rolls, Salsa, & 32oz Heinz Ketchup.  From my coupon booklet in the mail I got Free Labrea Baguette (which was yummy with garlic, olive oil, and cheese on top and heated in the oven).  I had a $3 coupon from the booklet for this week off prepared foods, so I got a $4.99 Rotisserie chicken for $1.99!

Hormel Chili was $1.00 each.  I had a coupon if you bought 2 cans you get $1.00 off.  So I paid .50 each for 2 cans.

I found by accident when I went to go get potatoes that they had 5lb bags for $4.99 each. By surprise, there was a sign above them, Buy 1 Get 1 Free.. so I got 10lbs of potatoes for $4.99.

VO5 was on sale for .89 each.  I had a coupon if I bought 2 I get $1.00 off.  So I got a Men’s 3 in 1 and a 2 in 1 … and paid .39 each.

Bayer Asprin 24ct normally $3.49 was on sale for $1.99.  I had $1.00 off 20ct or higher coupon.  I picked this up for .99.

These were some of my favorite and best finds.

My next 7 dinners:

Friday 1/30   –  Rotisserie Chicken

Saturday 1/31 – Split Pea & Ham Soup – used some of those potatoes.  Had some leftover ham in the freezer, and dried peas in the pantry.   picked up some celery at aldis, and chicken stock.

Sunday 2/1 – Rotini Tri-colored pasta (aldi buy), Alfredo Sauce (weis’ buy), and left over chicken from the Rotisserie and some veggies mixed in. yum.

Monday 2/2 – Chili Mac – elbow macaroni (aldi buy) + 1 can of Hormel Chili (my .50 can) and 1.5 Cups of cheese (sharp & pepper jack).

Tuesday 2/3 – Spaghetti with ground turkey

Wednesday 2/4 – Potato soup (well I got all those potatoes now) w/ Grilled Cheese.

Thursday 2/5 – Meat Pies w/ roasted potatoes.

I usually figure out sides, from my pantry that day.    Also don’t think the only vegetables we eat are the ones mentioned.  I also picked up fresh from Aldis’ – celery, avocados, blueberries

I hope this had made you think about how you shop.  If I can help one person by sharing my knowledge that is all I am asking. 🙂


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