My Weis Grocery Recipet

I usually go grocery shopping on Wednesday or Thursday every week.  My trip usually takes 1.5 – 2 hours, and 3 stores (depending on the circulars).  I have tons of stores within a 5 mile radius so depending on the sales depends on where I want to shop for the week, but for the most part I am at: Shoppers, Giant, Weis, Aldis, and CVS.  I am not a extreme coupon cutter by any means, but I do use coupons.  I plan my weekly dinner plan from what’s on sale and what I have in the cupboards and try to match up with coupons I do have.   Yesterday I went to Weis and Aldis for my weekly groceries.  My total for both stores was: $70.04.

At Weis I watched my total go from $72.15 to $27.16 a savings of $44.99 or 62% for 33 items!!  I got to thinking if I can do this..which I do regularly, I could share some of my better deals, and meal plans, and you can see how you can do this too!

Weis circular this week had 3 items you get for free if you spend $25.  They do this regularly.   So this week the 3 free items were: Ken’s 16oz Dressing, 5oz Container of Salad Mix (I got some baby spinach leaves), and Eggo Waffles (we got blueberry).

In the mail I got a coupon booklet for Weis for this Month.  First was $8.00 off a $50 purchase.  After my store card was swiped my total was $50.11.   In the booklet was also a $3.00 off meat purchase with $25 order.  I got a value pack of chicken thighs at 1.49lb (5.36lbs = 7.99) – $3.00 coupon, I paid $4.99 / .93lb.   Another special in my coupon book was a pack of Wellaby’s Cheese Ups for free with $25 purchase.

Weis also likes to do a buy 8 select items and they are only .88 each.   I got 2 Barilla pasta (had a coupon $1.00 off of 2/ paid .38 ea.), 3 cans of Rotel (had a coupon $1.00 off of 3/ paid .55 ea.), and 3 boxes of Hershey pudding for .88 each.   8 items for .88 should of cost: $7.04 – I paid $5.04.

Musselman’s applesauce was $1.37 ea. (limit 4).  I bought 2, had a coupon for .75 when you buy 2 (which doubles). So I paid .62 each for 2 – 6 packs.

The last special I will mention is Mullers yogurt which was on sale for $1.00 each.  I had a coupon for $1.00 off of 5.  So I paid .80 each.

Check your store website to verify your specials, mine are good through 1/24.

My next 7 dinners:

Thurs 1/22  – Pizza (picked up 2 whole wheat crust ones at Aldis for $2.69 each).

Friday  1/23 – Pasta with Alfredo Sauce and Spinach Leaves. & breaded chicken (got chicken last week on sale – nuggets)

Sat 1/24 – my daughter cooks: Baked Hamburger (ground turkey) and Speedy baked beans.

Sun 1/25 – crock pot; split peas and ham soup (all in my pantry / freezer)

Mon 1/26 – Breakfast for dinner (Eggos, Eggs, & Bacon) – bacon I have, and eggs we get from a local farmer.

Tues 1/27 – BBQ Chicken Thighs (baked – will go ahead and cook the ones I don’t need plain… with a little oil and salt – to freeze)

Wed 1/28 – Spaghetti with my canned sauce and leftover meatballs from last week’s special buy)

I usually figure out sides, from my pantry that day.    Also don’t think the only vegetables we eat are the ones mentioned, I also bought grape tomatoes, baby carrots, blueberries, blackberries, red peppers to mix with the canned vegetables and fruits we have.

I hope this had made you think about how you shop.  If I can help one person by sharing my knowledge that is all I am asking. 🙂


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2 Responses to My Weis Grocery Recipet

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hi Amber – great post!! We only have Giant and Shopper’s here, but I could do the same things. I always ignore the coupons where I have to buy 2 or 3 of something, figuring I don’t need that many. I never thought about the coupons being doubled! Giant does that. And Giant sends out some coupons too – not as many, but I just one for $5 off $25. Thanks for the ideas!

    • aleighd says:

      Hi Jennifer, glad you love the post. Remember if you have a little extra money, when they are on sale, and you have a coupon..great time to add to your pantry. 🙂

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