I would like to ask – where was this site hiding last year?   I was so happy to run across this site when I was looking for some doable options for my 5th grade daughter for her science project this year.   I love that they can narrow it down by how easy the project is, to how much time it would take to complete the project.

Tomorrow is when she has to turn in what she is doing and how she will get to her results.  Today when she came home from school I had her take the quiz they offered,  she then went through and marked the ones she liked as her favorites.  I made a free account for her so we could save her favorites first.   This evening I sat down, and looked through what she had chosen and we talked it over and decided on one.    We talked about what we would do to complete the project, and what we would need, and she sat stress-free this evening filling in the questions on her homework page at ease.

What a stress-reliever this has been to this mommy and her daughter.  She is already done, and in bed reading before I go and turn out the lights.   I love how organized the site is.  From what materials you would need, additional things you could do with the project, information on the project, and reviews from people that have already done this project.  With all of this knowledge she was able to tweak the project to what she would like to do, and what her school requires to be involved.

In conclusion I really love this site, and everything it is.  If you are looking for a fun project to try out with your child, or for a science project for school this site has some wonderful ideas.  It would work wonderfully for home-schooling families as well I think.


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