Country Woman Magazine Dec/Jan 2015 Edition

Sir checked the mail the other day and brought in one of my favorite perks, Country Woman Magazine!   I found the article about Christmas Past & Present, a 1730s farmhouse kitchen, I enjoyed reading very much as I love historical things, and the kitchen has to be my favorite place in the house.   There may of been some drooling while looking at the pictures!   A few pages into the magazine is a lovely article about a family tradition of making tamales.  Oddly, I have been looking for a good authentic recipe, to bring some childhood flavors I miss from living in Texas back into my life.  I am really looking forward to trying out the recipes.   While this edition did not have as many recipes that spoke to me, the bread recipes did pop out, and I may be baking soon.  Not to mention Cherry Cheese Blintzes.  I was not impressed with the DIY projects either, though I may hang onto the Hunter Star Quilt pattern.  I also drooled over the red organza apron with vintage print hankies, too adorable!  While I enjoyed reading about the Dresden Stollen family tradition, however I was severely disappointed when I logged onto the website, and knowing that my wallet would never be big enough to taste it.   So while there was highlights, and recipes that I did find almost make this episode worth buying.  However, I kind of expected a little more, and if I didn’t have a subscription I wouldn’t of shelled out $4.99 for it.   Frankly even the decorated tea cups on the front would of screamed Grandma,and I am not sure I would of even picked it up!


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