Square Bar

This is the final bar from my Abe’s Sampler box that we tried yesterday.

Square Bar in Cocoa Crunch flavor. 

This is a No gluten, dairy, soy or high fructose corn syrup.   This is a No-GMO bar.

I liked the little blog they did on the back of the bar.  I also liked that it was only 190 calories and yet 12g protein. 

My first thought after picking up the bar to try some was how the chocolate melted off in my hands.  How Messy!!   I was not thrilled with the taste either. 

Kiddo: Liked how the bar looked and tasted.  She wished I had bought more.  Said there was nothing she didn’t like about the bar.  This was her favorite out of the 3.

At Abe’s a box of 12 is $34.49.   I found Almond Cocoa ones at Amazon for $32.76.

These still won’t make the grocery list at that price.  The average family is really discouraged from living the healthy lifestyle with prices like this on products.   That’s more than $2 a bar for 1.7oz. 

Below is picture of the product open with bite taken out of it and packaging.





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